Q: I just placed my order, when will it ship? 
A: Due to the amount of members we have, please give us 1-2 weeks to fulfill and ship your order. We print all labels before shipment, so you will receive a tracking number but it may still take a few days for it to update and show that your package is moving.

Q: Are your fragrances authentic? 
A: Yes, all of our fragrances are 100% authentic. We hand decant each sample upon order to make sure they are fresh and up to our standards. 

Q: My order shipped--when will it arrive? 
A: Please allow around 2-4 business days for it to arrive after the package starts moving. We ship first class USPS, so please allow that amount of time for it to reach you. 

Q: How do you package your orders to insure no damage will be done to the samples? 
A: We package our samples very carefully to insure they will arrive in perfect condition. Each sample has teflon tape wrapped around the threads--that prevents leaking and evaporation. After the teflon tape is on and the lid and cap are secure, we wrap each fragrance individually in multiple layers of bubble wrap to insure the samples will not be broken or damaged in transit. 

Q: What if my samples DO arrive damaged? 
A: Even though we take multiple precautions to try to insure your order will arrive in perfect condition, things happen! If your order does arrive damaged, just shoot us an email with a picture of the damage and we will replace your sample(s) as soon as we can. Please email us directly at info@fragrancematch.co

Q: I placed an order and ordered the wrong items/placed my order on accident. Can you cancel it? 
A: For us to offer the best experience for you, we hand decant each fragrance to order. That means in most cases upon receiving your order, we get started on the fulfillment process right away. Because of this it's difficult to cancel orders--so it's imperative that you double check what you're ordering. In some cases if we haven't started fulfillment, we can cancel your order. To inquire about canceling an order, please reach out immediately with your order number via our Contact Us page or by email at info@fragrancematch.co.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to cancel your subscription, you must reach out to us before you are charged for the month. After you are charged, we cannot refund you for that month, however, we can discontinue your membership so that you will not be charged the following month. If you would like to cancel your subscription, please reach out via our Contact Us page or by email at info@fragrancematch.co*